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About Us

In 1970, the Militello brothers - Lillo, Salvatore and Giovanni created a piece of Italy in the West End of London. They introduced artifacts and memorabilia from their home country to make their reataurants like an Italian dining room.

This homely atmosphere has proved successful enough for Royalty, Heads of Government, Film stars and local clientele to try the restaurants once and then return again and again.

"Concordia" was a name used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to signify a "Feast in Harmony and Peace", which is exactly what you will find in this restaurant. The live band in Concordia Notte has updated the meaning to give satisfying background music.

Film and television companies often ues the facilities at Concordia as a film set and the layout of the room downstairs has proved popular with companies to launch new products, hold seminars or business meetings or a variety of public relations events.

Photo: Entrance to Concordia Restaurant   Photo: The Militello Brothers   Photo: Inside the Concordia Restaurant